Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
command-line by dg Parser: added Normalizer
command-line by dg constants are PascalCase
coding-standard by dg uses PHP_BINARY
command-line by dg coding style: reformatted Assert::exception
command-line by dg added property typehints
command-line by dg composer: updated dependencies
command-line by dg requires PHP 8.0
command-line by dg opened 2.0-dev
command-line by dg updated .gitattributes
coding-standard by dg updated .gitattributes
code-checker by dg updated .gitattributes
coding-standard by dg added php82 presets
code-checker by dg updated nette/command-line
code-checker by dg constants are PascalCase
command-line by dg updated detectColors()
command-line by dg coding style
command-line by dg updated phpstan
command-line by dg removed community health files
command-line by dg tested on github actions
command-line by dg tests: test() with description
command-line by dg opened 1.6-dev
coding-standard by dg ignore path /expected/
coding-standard by dg improved rules
coding-standard by dg custom CurlyBracesPositionFixer, allows { on next line in function declaration

function foo(
): void

coding-standard by dg original CurlyBracesPositionFixer
coding-standard by dg custom StatementIndentationFixer, allows multiple constants:

public const
A = 1,
B = 2;

coding-standard by dg original StatementIndentationFixer
coding-standard by dg BracesFixer split
code-checker by dg updated github workflow
coding-standard by dg Squiz.PHP.NonExecutableCode is buggy
coding-standard by MartinSzollos2016 Fixed compatibility with PHP < 7.4 (#46)
coding-standard by dg fixed deprecations

Last synchronization: 2023-05-30 10:01:28