Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
coding-standard by dg travis: call esc directly
code-checker by dg token_get_all may throw ParseError
code-checker by dg composer: updated to Nette 3
code-checker by dg cs
code-checker by dg task shortArraySyntaxFixer: parses PHP to correctly recognize keyword 'array'
code-checker by dg travis: finely segmented matrix, added PhpStan
code-checker by dg travis: added PHP 7.3
code-checker by dg travis: uses NCS 2
code-checker by dg added donation request
coding-standard by dg stick on ECS 5.4.13
coding-standard by dg updated for new ESC (uffff)
type-fixer by dg added, updates
command-line by dg typo
command-line by dg travis: finely segmented matrix, added PhpStan, NCS
command-line by dg added declare(strict_types=1);
command-line by dg added PHP 7.1 scalar and return type hints
command-line by dg uses PHP 7.1 features
command-line by dg requires PHP 7.1
command-line by dg opened 1.4-dev
command-line by dg added donation request
command-line by dg Update Github templates

Thanks to Babel for inspiration <3