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by dg TODO comments
by dg access-control: Storage for Logged User
by dg updated php-generator
by jahudka ajax: fixed English & some better best practices (#591)

Co-authored-by: jahudka <>
Co-authored-by: David Grudl <>

by wujido Quickstart: used |truncate (#714)
by finwe Schema: anyOf argument unpacking hint (#783)

Co-authored-by: David Grudl <>

by dg disableSameSiteProtection() -> allowCrossOrigin() [Closes #887]
by discordDOTtest flash messages exists for 30 seconds (#918)

Co-authored-by: David Grudl <>

by dg forms: used constructor promotion for form data class
by dg quickstart: uses services.neon
by dg removed requirements checker
by dg removed mention of sandbox
by dg global filters -> general
by dg added lifecycle-component
by dg updated lifecycle image
by dg di extensive update
by dg form-controls: table with methods
by dg forms: improved text
by dg migration guide 3.1
by dg commented ...
by dg typos