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by kravco typo (#900)
by jtojnar configuring: Sync intro links with heading texts (#897)

This fixes a few broken links.

by A-g-e-s Update creating-links.texy (#896)
by dg di export rewritten
by diegosardina typo (#893)
by lukaspijak typo (#890)
by dg database: examples for whereOr, etc
by diegosardina typo (#892)
by dg typo
by diegosardina typo (#891)
by dg database: unification of 'Insert, Update & Delete'
by rdarcy1 typo (#889)
by dg table for setcookie
by dg typo
by dg typo
by dg nette/database 3.1.2
by dg smartobject: added info about Arrays::invoke
by dg form-presenter: added info about addProtection()
by jvitasek Typo (#888)
by diegosardina Typo (#885)
by Rixafy typo (#886)