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by dg configuring: additional options for the database
by dg nette/http 3.1.1
by dg nette/schema 1.2
by dg nette/forms 3.1
by dg nette/application 3.1.1
by adamjosefus Unify role naming across sections (#874)
by dg configuring: added role & resources
by dg creating-links: improved
by dg glossary: events
by dg form fields -> controls
by DJTommek typo (#872)
by otoman typo (#871)


by dg nette/utils 3.2.1
by dg mailing: fixed class
by crydotsnake typo (#870)
by dg config moved to root
by dg typo
by aplitax typo (#868)
by dg nette/application 3.1
by dg nette/bootstrap 3.1
by dg nette/caching 3.1