Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by kenlog typo
by dg forms: removed info about deprecated negative validation rules
by CZechBoY Added link to example bootstrap v4 form rendering (#745)
by dg typo
by dg ITranslator
by dg Passwords
by dg configuration file
by dg routing
by dg Booting.php
by dg version 3.0 & PHP 7.1
by dg added PHP 7.1 typehint void
by dg added PHP 7 typehints
by dg upset info about attached()
by dg DI: dynamic => external
by dg di: changed 'class' to 'type'
by dg NewMemcachedStorage renamed to MemcachedStorage
by dg utils: changed false -> null
by foxycode removed old sqlite2 driver (#489)
by dg php-generator: updated for v3.2
by dg removed Control::__construct
by dg configuration file