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by dg retranslated by GPT-4
by dg form reuse: improved
by dg persistent parameters: improved info
by dg php-generator: fixes
by johny-patera Typo (#973)
by berbeflo typo (#972)

- bug fix? yes
- new feature? no
- BC break? no

fixed an incorrect sentence

by dg di: added FAQ
by dg di/passing-dependencies: added constructor hell
by dg di/passing-dependencies: highlighting inject info
by dg di/passing-dependencies: better class & variables naming
by janvalentik typo in Latte (#970)
by dg migration guide for Nette 4.0 [WIP]
by dg packages: removed installation info
by dg added best-practices:lets-create-contact-form (removed pla)
by dg quickstart: reference to installation
by dg home restruct
by dg added new page 'installation'
by dg presenter Homepage -> Home
by dg contributing/documentation: improved
by dg composer: improved content
by dg ```bash -> shell
by dg typo
by dg di: added Global State and Singletons
by dg di: improvements
by dg di: link about constructor property promotion
by dg di: restructuralized homepage
by dg homepage: added link to utils:type
by dg forms: link to component-model
by dg latte: improved guide WIP
by dg latte: bigger links
by dg best practises: homepage restruct
by dg best-practices: translations moved directly to application & forms

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