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by dg wip
by dg Latte: improved content
by dg factory wip
by dg typos
by jeancz Typo (#943)

obázku -> obrázku

by dg latte: info about n:attributes
by emololftw example of multiple class definition for n:class tag (#942)

Co-authored-by: Klíma Jaroslav <>

by duy9403 migrations: translate text (#941)
by dg Latte: added Slim framework
by dg Latte 3
by dg Latte: 'develop' divided into 'extending-latte', improved text
by dg Latte: cookbook has left menu
by dg Latte: migrations moved to cookbook
by dg Latte: integrations moved to develop/recipes
by dg Preparation for Latte 3
by radekdostal Fixed link (#945)
by dg Coding Standard: translated to CS
by dg Coding Standard: added links & info about tabs
by dg php-generator 4.0.2
by dg images {url: ...} are displayed in browser
by dg quickstart: reduce duplication of file names
by dg {data-file: ...} replaced with {file: ...}
by dg ```html -> ```latte
by dg forms: mapping of container
by dg fixed title case
by TomasVotruba typo (#940)
by dg update coding style examples
by dg Tracy: updated CSP info
by dg mail: configuring moved to @home
by dg fixed links
by dg quickstart: added links
by dg improved #id

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