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by dg Tracy: added mappings
by dg assistant wip
by dg migration guide for Nette 4.0 [WIP]
by dg latte: info about Latte\Runtime\Html
by dg nette/utils 4.0.2
by dg improved smartobject
by dg own page for StaticClass
by dg filesystem: link to Finder
by dg latte 3.0.9
by dg added best-practices/microsites
by dg routing: added callbacks
by dg typo
by dg php-generator 4.0.9
by dg troubleshooting: improved
by dg quickstart: requires PHP 8.1
by dg list of DI services
by dg Latte: 3.0.8
by dg neon vs yaml
by dg latte: guide link to fiddle
by dg Latte: added enablePhpLinter()
by dg latte: multiline comments only
by dg latte: template inheritance improved
by dg {capture} creates Html object
by dg latte: removed info about Latte 2.x
by dg latte: ??-> is legacy
by dg improvements
by dg latte: improved {do} & {php}
by dg coding-standard: added image of signature/body separation
by dg php-generator: better info about PSR
by jhabaj added: AVIF support (#1011)
by Dzardys typo (cs) (#1013)
by dg application: improved leftmenu

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