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by dg updated maintitle
by dg renamed macro -> tag, n:macro -> n:attribute
by dg added Schema
by dg configuring: added readAndClose
by dakujem Wording & grammar fixes, part 1 (#768)
by artemevsin External services: renamed external to imported (#767)
by finwe Mailing: add cs SmtpMailer options, link with framework configuration (#765)
by dg fixed link
by finwe Describe additional SmtpMailer options (#764)
by dg Booting -> Bootstrap
by dg fixed setExpiration [closes nette/security#34]
by vaclavpavlicek fixed translation (#759)
by vaclavpavlicek typo (#758)
by vaclavpavlicek typo (#757)
by vaclavpavlicek typo (#755)
by vaclavpavlicek typo. (#750)
by vaclavpavlicek typo (#753)
by kenlog typo
by dg forms: removed info about deprecated negative validation rules
by adaamz Added link to example bootstrap v4 form rendering (#745)
by dg typo