Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
database by kickz fixed typehint (#236)
application by dg ApplicationExtension: can use external RobotLoader [Closes #227]
bootstrap by dg Configurator: passes RobotLoader to ApplicationExtension [Closes nette/application#227]
bootstrap by dg Configurator::detectDebugMode() workaround for PHP bug #77722
database by dg SqlPreprocessor: fixed casting to string
schema by integer Assert with optinal description #7 (#8)
schema by dg Structure: is normalized to array in normalize() [Closes #9]
schema by dg typo
schema by greeny readme: added comment about normalizing objects (#11)
latte by dg ISnippetBridge: added typehints
latte by dg opened 3.0-dev
latte by dg BlockMacros: fixed overwriting $_args after 0050781

latte by dg BlockMacros: block name must not start with underscore [Closes #193]
application by dg added support for persistent parameters with property typehints in PHP 7.4 [Closes #230]
tracy by janbarasek Bluescreen: added length limit for exception message (#383)
tracy by dg fixes for PHP 7.4
tracy by dg Debugger: workaround for PHP bug #77722
tracy by dg Dumper: added truncateString()
tokenizer by jkuchar tests: End of stream is not handled properly (#20)
tokenizer by dg Revert "Stream: removed code that I don't know what is doing"

This reverts commit 35a55af9176926abc502a2e20dc533635e6d9884.

tracy by janbarasek Bridge: Template line can be null. (#384)