Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
tracy by janbarasek InfoPanel: Add information about localhost IP.
tracy by dg tested against PHP 7.4
tracy by dg TracyExtension: added getConfigSchema()
tracy by dg Logger: added priority to exception file name
tracy by dg BlueScreen: removed source from footer
tracy by dg Bluescreen: footer is always on bottom
tracy by dg bar: replaced attribute 'rel' with 'data-tracy-action' for closing & open-to-window links
tracy by dg opened 2.7-dev
tracy by dg Debugger::errorHandler() argument $context can be null [Closes #379]
di by peldax Compiler: added Decorator extension to $last (#197)

Decorator extension needs to be resolved last (eg. after Search extension) in order to find all possible matching services.

Solves my issue where decorator doesn't decorate services found using Search extension.

di by dg SearchExtension: removes conflicting services before it starts to add them
forms by milo Helpers: htmlspecialchars() strict type fix (#229)
bootstrap by dg Configurator: passes RobotLoader to ApplicationExtension [Closes nette/application#227]
application by dg ApplicationExtension: uses external RobotLoader, 'scanDir' is deprecated [Closes #227]
robot-loader by janbarasek PhpStan fixes (#16)
robot-loader by dg removed support for comment //netteloader

It was used by historical Nette, dibi & Texy minifier

caching by dg PHP 7.4 compatibility fixes
utils by dg tested against PHP 7.4
di by dg PHP 7.4 compatibility fixes
di by janbarasek fixed bugs reported by PhpStan (#214)
di by peldax SearchExtension: ability to add factory definitions from interfaces with method create() (#200)