Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
php-generator by dg implemented support for PHP 8 union types
php-generator by dg Printer: prints trailing comma in parameter lists when PHP 8 syntax is used
php-generator by dg Factory: supports attributes in PHP 8
php-generator by dg added support for PHP 8 attributes
php-generator by dg implemented PHP 8 constructor property promotion
php-generator by dg Dumper::format() syntax ...? now supports named parameters (possible BC break)
php-generator by dg Factory: loads method bodies from traits
php-generator by nathane PhpFile::addNamespace() accepts PhpNamespace object (#68)
php-generator by dg opened 3.5-dev
php-generator by dg tests: compatible with PHP 8.0
php-generator by dg tested on PHP 8.0
php-generator by dg readme: updated
tracy by dg BlueScreen, Dumper: links to editor have class tracy-editor [Closes #443]
tracy by dg BlueScreen: removed feature 'dumped variables in source code'

reverts e90b541f21b72e02439e79335f9515f4bba418bc

reason is that $context is deprecated and removed in PHP 8

tracy by dg donate badge updates
tracy by dakujem Dumper, BlueScreen: added Scrubber (#439)
tracy by dg Dumper::toHtml() accepts key, hides whole dump if sensitive
tracy by dakur readme: switched "port" for "integration" (#433)
tracy by dg tests: test() with description
tracy by dg install.cmd: workaround for Chrome >= 77
tracy by dg Renderer: json_encode uses serialize_precision: '-1'