Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
finder by dg composer: updated dependencies
finder by dg opened 3.0-dev
latte by dg ISnippetBridge: added typehints
latte by dg opened 3.0-dev
latte by dg Released version 2.5.2
latte by dg FileLoader::isExpired() returns true when file doesn't exist [Closes #186]
latte by dg BlockMacros: {define} accepts named parameters [Closes #184]
tracy by dg TracyExtension: added getConfigSchema()
tracy by dg Logger: added priority to exception file name
tracy by dg BlueScreen: removed source from footer
tracy by dg Bluescreen: footer is always on bottom
tracy by dg bar: replaced attribute 'rel' with 'data-tracy-action' for closing & open-to-window links
tracy by dg opened 2.7-dev
tracy by dg Released version 2.6.4
tracy by dg Logger: renamed $priority -> $level
http by dg HttpExtension: 'proxy' can be string
forms by spaze Use phpstan onValidate definition (#226)

The second parameter for `onValidate` callback (`$values`) documented as `mixed` to follow the consensus for `onSuccess` (in #223)

http by dg regexp: \z replaced with D modifier
latte by dg readme: update
latte by dg regexp: \z replaced with D modifier
schema by integer Added support for pattern() (#6)