Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
tracy by dg tabs wip
tracy by dg BlueScreen: renamed classes, used .section, .section-label, .section-panel, .pane
tracy by dg BlueScreen: callstack facelift
tracy by dg BlueScreen: template divided into multiple files
tracy by dg toggle.css: toggle suppresses line breaks
tracy by dg BlueScreen: panel fade-in effect
tracy by dg bluescreen.css: facelift
tracy by dg BlueScreen: modernized highlight-line styling
tracy by dg bluescreen.css: .inner has overflow: hidden
tracy by dg opened 2.9-dev
tracy by dg bluescreen.css: added simple reset to avoid flash of "styled" text
http by dg SessionSection: magic accessors & ArrayAccess are silently deprecated
http by jiripudil FileUpload: support directory upload (#207)
http by dg Session::clean() clears all null values from the session
http by dg Session::getIterator() is deprecated
http by dg SessionSection: removed $warnOnUndefined (BC break)
http by dg Session::clean() is private (BC break)
http by dg used nette/utils 3.2
http by dg used native PHP 8 functions
http by dg removed community health files
http by dg removed deprecated stuff & UserStorage