Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
database by dg Revert "Table: moved caching related functionality to separate classes (#185)"

This reverts commit a561254e1c79dc5bc9f4296366040b2ed779e7c4.

database by Miloslav Hůla Structure::getBelongsToReference() return value fix
database by Miloslav Hůla Selection: typefix for referencing table primary key
database by Miloslav Hůla tests: rename SQL script
forms by rydercz DefaultFormRenderer: strict type fix (#220)

fixes "TypeError: preg_split() expects parameter 2 to be string, null given" for GET form if action does not contain query parameters

di by MartkCz typo
database by spaze ResultSet: only format strings as floats (#228)

Because with native prepared statements in MySQL, floats are returned as floats, not strings like with emulated prepares

Fixes #227

security by dg composer: update lower dependency
security by dg SecurityExtension: uses configuration Schema
security by dg tests: added test
database by norbe SqlBuilder: Fixed loading arguments for left join conditions (#224)
mail by janbarasek fixed typehints (#61)
database by CZechBoY Use phpstan callable format (#220)
database by dg composer: update lower dependency
forms by CZechBoY Use phpstan callable definitions (#216)
forms by dg FormsExtension: uses configuration Schema
tracy by dg TracyExtension: added getConfigSchema()
tracy by dg used dirname(3)
tracy by dg readme: update
tracy by dg BlueScreen: removed source from footer
tracy by dg Bluescreen: footer is always on bottom