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http by dg silently deprecated methods trigger E_USER_DEPRECATED
http by dg unification of Response and IResponse params (BC break)
http by dg used constructor promotion
http by dg some methods use real default values instead of nulls (BC break)
http by dg Session::clean() clears all null values from the session
http by dg SessionSection: removed $warnOnUndefined (BC break)
http by dg used native PHP 8 features
http by dg removed deprecated stuff & UserStorage
http by dg added PHP 8 typehints
http by dg added property typehints
http by dg removed support for PHP 7
http by dg coding style
http by dg composer: updated dependencies
http by dg requires PHP 8.0
http by dg opened 4.0-dev
http by dg Session::getIterator() is deprecated
http by dg Session::clean() is private
http by dg Url, UrlImmutable: added getDefaultPort()
http by dg test fix
http by dg constants are PascalCase
latte by dg operator 'in' supports strings

- InRangeNode renamed to InNode

latte by dg added operator 'not'
latte by dg phpstan.neon skips TagParser.php WIP
latte by dg Content type 'text' uses escaping
latte by dg Parser: fixed support for dash in n:attributes
latte by dg tests: renamed files
forms by dg added HTML attribute data-nette-error
forms by dg uses PascalCase constants
forms by dg netteForms: showModal uses <dialog> by default
forms by dg BaseControl, ControlGroup::getOption() parameter $default is deprecated
forms by drobek94 Validator: added support for enums (#282)

Co-authored-by: martin.sedlacek <>

forms by dg added type inference tests

Last synchronization: 2022-12-03 16:01:30