Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
database by dg SqlPreprocessor: support for IN (?) [Closes #256]
database by janbarasek ConnectionPanel: Added performance colors (#258)
database by dg SqlPreprocessor: default array mode is items (possible BC break)
database by dg SqlPreprocessor::formatValue() rejects array unless they are explicitly allowed (possible BC break)
database by dg SqlPreprocessor: added mode ?list
database by dg SqlPreprocessor: added constants for modes
database by dg some internal callbacks changed to private
database by dg Connection, Context: added transaction()
database by dg opened 3.1-dev
database by dg added funding.yml
database by dg ConnectionPanel: bypasses SqlPreprocessor for explain to avoid double processing [Closes #259]
robot-loader by dg Loads and builds cache on demand
robot-loader by dg opened 3.3-dev
utils by dg renamed Nette\Utils\IHtmlString -> Nette\HtmlStringable, added class alias
forms by dg updated netteForms.min.js
forms by dg netteForms: added parameter 'event' to toggle()
forms by dg netteForms: toggle() is called for each combination [toggle-id & element]
forms by dg netteForms: toggle event listeners are added only once
forms by dg netteForms: improved compact transmission mode
forms by dg {formPrint} more compact output
forms by dg {formPrint} is selectable