Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
mail by dg MailExtension: added support for Signer
mail by lukaspijak added DKIM feature (#51)
mail by dg renamed Nette\Mail\IMailer -> Mailer, added class alias
mail by dg added .phpstorm.meta.php
mail by dg Message: added support for quoted "display-name" <email> [Closes #64]


mail by janbarasek fixed typehints (#61, #63)
di by dg Autowiring: bug fix & tests
tracy by dg TracyExtension: added getConfigSchema()
tracy by dg BlueScreen: removed source from footer
tracy by dg Bluescreen: footer is always on bottom
tracy by dg bar: replaced attribute 'rel' with 'data-tracy-action' for closing & open-to-window links
tracy by dg IBarPanel, ILogger: added typehints to interfaces (BC break)
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by dg bar.css: resets #tracy-debug [Closes #364]
tracy by dg bar.css: resets initial values for width/height
tracy by dg Helpers::improveException() do not improve already improved errors

(Nette\MemberAccessException extends Error since Nette 3)

tracy by smuuf Debugger: Increase size of memory reserve for Debugger.

The value of 30000 bytes was an incorrect representation of the previous "scientific notation value" of "3e5". I can only assume the notation was changed to increase readability, but the change was done improperly and introduced a regression.

Also the number of bytes reserved for the error renderer was increased to 500 kB, since 300 kBs wasn't enough for the whole error page to render correctly.

tracy by petaak PsrToTracyLoggerAdapter: changed the log message

Some loggers may require a non-empty log message. Adding the exception
class, code and file to the log message solves this issue.

tracy by dg Dumper: fixed dumping empty array in snapshot [Closes #367]
tracy by dg used dirname(3)
tracy by dg readme: update