Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
safe by dg Lets start
utils by dg typo [Closes #207]
application by janbarasek Presenter: injectPrimary() params are required because $httpRequest is required. (#239)
utils by dg Strings, Validator: throw exception on invalid regexp patterns / malformed input
utils by VasekPurchart Strings: throw exception on malformed UTF-8 in webalize() and to… (#205)
utils by dg Html: added @property & @method
utils by dg travis: added PHP 7.4
utils by dg phpStan fixes
utils by dg Html: added toText() & toHtml()
utils by dg Image: added support for BMP
utils by dg Image: muted warnings
tracy by dg Debugger: implemented support for E_COMPILE_WARNING

Errors E_COMPILE_WARNING are not handled by user error handler.

tracy by dg Debugger::errorHandler correctly fill-in error_get_last() when $logSeverity is used
tracy by dg Debugger::errorHandler() refactoring
tracy by dg Debugger: bar is rendered only in shutdown handler
tracy by dg Debugger::exceptionHandler() log exceptions even if it is not called for the first time
tracy by dg Debugger: refactoring, removed parameter $exit from exceptionHandler()
tracy by dg Debugger::exceptionHandler() when connection is aborted, log exception
tracy by dg travis: added PHP 7.4
tracy by dg bar.css: added all:revert (experimental)
caching by dg MemcachedStorage: muted warning