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by dg uses PhpToken
by dg Released version 2.5.1
by dg support for PHP 8.3
by grogy fixed accessed property before initialization (#441) (#442)
by dg used get_debug_type()
by dg Released version 2.5.0
by dg Assert::equal() added flags $matchOrder & $matchIdentity
by dg TestCase: lists the running methods
by dg Environment::setupFunctions() creates global functions test(), setUp() & tearDown()
by dg added Environment::print(), in CLI outputs to STDOUT to bypass output buffering
by dg tests: test() with description
by dg bootstrap: removed date_default_timezone_set()
by dg Dumper & Assert: dumps true/false/null in lowercase
by dg constants are PascalCase (BC break)
by dg Runner::run() added parameter $async
by MartinMystikJonas Capture stderr of test via temp file and output it in test results [Closes #420] (#438)
by milo Temporary directory preparation moved to Helpers
by dg Assert: added PHP 8 typehints
by dg added PHP 8 typehints
by dg added property typehints
by dg used PHP 8 features
by dg updated .gitattributes
by dg updated github workflow
by dg coding style
by dg removed appveyor
by dg removed support for PHP 7
by dg requires PHP 8.0
by dg opened 2.5-dev
by dg Released version 2.4.3
by driesvints PHP 8.2 Support (#440)
by dg typo
by dg CloverXMLGenerator: reports file name is case of parse error

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