Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by dg composer: license clarification
by dg Runner: added $ignoreDirs
by dg composer: added PHPStan
by dg Runner: added support for CTRL-C
by dg fixes for PHP 7.4
by dg Released version 2.3.1
by dg readme: info about supported versions
by dg travis: added PHP 7.4
by dg FileMock: fread/fwrite in writeonly/readonly modes return false and trigger notices in PHP 7.4
by dg fixes for PHP 7.4
by dg Helpers::errorTypeToString() severity can be unknown
by janbarasek Environment: 'file' can be undefined when is test called via register_shutdown_function() (#411)
by milo Released version 2.3.0
by dg FileMutator: works only in reading mode
by dg Environment: prints test summary (#402)
by dg Environment: prints colorized error in shutdown handler
by dg FileMock: supports touch()
by dg regexp: \z replaced with D modifier
by dg FileMutator: file_put_contents() call flock() with $operation = 0 [Closes #404]
by milo added Assert::notNull()
by dg CliTester: changed files are detected via filemtime in watch mode