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by dg cs nullable typehints
by dg cs whitespace
by dg cs
by dg catch Exception -> Throwable
by dg replaced ecs.php with ncs
by dg interrupt signal is converted to InterruptException and handled by CliTester

allows to interrupt watch mode

by dg Dumper::dumpException() added option to change output file name via AssertException::$outputName
by dg composer: uses PHPStan ^1.0
by dg Dumper: improved encoding of strings, added colors
by dg Released version 2.4.1
by milo TestCase:prepareTestData(): check that every data provider item is array [Closes #431]
by dg added Assert::$expandPatterns to disable patterns expansion
by dg tests: fixed env variables
by dg support for PHP 8.1
by milo TestHandler: mark tests with empty data provider as failed/skipped

Related to 1f4bce20a4142f5b1285d1eb9ae546ed5ef27e06

by dg composer: added Milo
by dg removed community health files
by dg updated ecs.php
by dg template.phtml: uses native directory separator
by dg Released version 2.4.0
by dg TestCase: refactoring

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