Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by dg @assertCode renamed to @httpCode (BC break!) and is checked on in CGI mode
by milo TestCase: use PHP 5.4 features
by milo Merge pull request #96 from milo/testcase-methods-fixes

Testcase methods fixes

by dg added class DataProvider
by dg Assert::match() added new placeholder %[..]%
by Vrtak-CZ Assert: fix nesting level exception
by dg TapPrinter: removed CLI colors
by dg Merge pull request #127 from milo/pull-coverage-start

Collector throws exception on multiple start()

by dg CiderMode™ (#394)
by milo Helpers::purge(): do not suppress mkdir() errors
by kravco Nette\Test: minor error handling improvement
by dg tests: Assert prints complete callstack
by dg typos
by dg Merge pull request #194 from dg/pull-info

info.php: shorter output

by milo TestCase: check testing method name when run() called manually

Before this fix, TestCase::run() ends silently when called with bad method name.

by dg Colors are disabled in TAP output
by milo typo
by dg added badges
by stekycz Dumper: format DateTime to formatted string instead of object hash
by milo Default interpreter is CLI (BC break) [Closes #197]
by dg TestHelpers: fixed $file for saveCoverage