Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
utils by dg Finder: removed slashes normalization
utils by dg Finder: collect() returns list
utils by dg Finder: improved exception when directory is missing
utils by dg Finder: default mask is '*'
utils by dg added enum ImageType
utils by xificurk improved type annotations (#290)
utils by lukaspijak DateTime: modify() and modifyClone() throw exception on error (#293)
tracy by dg x
tracy by dg Logger: added typehints
tracy by dg removed bridge for Latte
tracy by paxperscientiam readme: added PSR3 adapter for monolog/monolog example
tracy by dg uses PascalCase constants
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by dg Released version 2.10.1
tracy by dg Exposer: recognizes virtual properties of native classes

'(array) $obj' and 'get_mangled_object_vars($obj)' differ in that the function does not return a virtual properties. So it can be used to recognize them.

tracy by dg Fixes native class dumping [Closes #558]

Reverts "Dumper: added ArrayIterator exposer" commit bdec6ae1f818e1432cc5b66269e16769108bc172.

php-generator by dg updated phpstan baseline
php-generator by dg added Literal::new() and call()
php-generator by dg readme: improvements
php-generator by dg readme: improved info about loading from file [Closes #129]
http by dg Request::getBody() WIP
http by dg Request::getRemoteHost() does not perform DNS resolving [Closes #218]
http by dg silently deprecated methods trigger E_USER_DEPRECATED
http by dg tests: uses new session api
http by dg unification of Response and IResponse params (BC break)
http by dg used constructor promotion
http by dg some methods use real default values instead of nulls (BC break)
http by dg Session::clean() clears all null values from the session
http by dg SessionSection: removed $warnOnUndefined (BC break)
http by dg used native PHP 8 features
http by dg removed deprecated stuff & UserStorage
http by dg added PHP 8 typehints

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