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di by dg exceptions: register -> add
di by dg Added Helpers::escape()

This reverts commit df4eef206d37a5665d1b4e575bf01fd30c3d63c0.

di by dg fixed PHP 8.0 compatibility
utils by dg Arrays::renameKey() returns true if $oldKey was found
utils by dg Arrays::renameKey() fixed incorrect replacement for existing new keys [Closes #230]
utils by dg Arrays: added toKey()
utils by dg test: improvements
utils by dg improved PHP doc
utils by dg renamed some parameters
utils by dg test: compatibility with PHP 8
di by dg added new internal functions bool(), int(), float(), string()
di by dg cs
bootstrap by dg uses DI\Helpers::escape()
neon by dg improved PHP doc
utils by dg readme: added new docs
utils by ondrejmirtes Reflection: fixed parseUseStatements for PHP 8 [Closes #229]
utils by ondrejmirtes tested on PHP 8
utils by dg SmartObject: better support for $onEvent with typehint
forms by dg examples: added Latte example
forms by dg examples: echo $form -> $form->render()
security by dg removed deprecated stuff WIP