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application by dg __toString: when is called as method, exceptions are thrown
application by dg Application::getContext() is protected
application by dg Presenter::$absoluteUrls fixed
application by dg Templating\DefaultHelpers renamed to Helpers (BC break!)
application by dg Presenter::sendTemplate() added parameter $template
application by xificurk Presenter: change default value of globalParams to fix warning while forwarding to Error presenter [Closes #202]
application by dg DefaultTemplate: added default properites and @methods
application by dg added GitHub Actions workflow
application by dg Application::$onResponse is called only "on" response
application by dg added ApplicationExtension & RoutingExtension
application by janbarasek RoutingPanel: Better mask responsivity.
application by dg Presenter: added sendResponse(); terminate() is no longer intended to send a PresenterResponse
application by Majkl578 replace usage of callback() by direct instantiation of Nette\Callback
application by dg Template::__toString() is deprecated (BC break)
application by dg Presenter: added getModule()
application by miloshavlicek ComponentReflection::parseAnnotations: fixed regexp quoting
application by dg added support for persistent parameters with property typehints in PHP 7.4 [Closes #230]
application by dg type fixes
application by dg Application: allowed REST methods
application by dg UI\Presenter: type mismatch of parameters passed to methods action-, render- and handle- throws BadRequestException or InvalidLinkException instead of silent type juggling
application by dg UI\Presenter: $payload initialization moved to constructor