Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
type-fixer by Hologos composer: exports typefixer binary to vendor/bin. (#2)
type-fixer by dg readme: updated badge
type-fixer by dg updated phpstan
type-fixer by dg composer: added PHPStan
type-fixer by dg supports PHP 7.4
type-fixer by dg added, updates
type-fixer by dg removed travis
code-checker by dg removed community health files
coding-standard by dg hardfixed FunctionDeclarationFixer, enabled ArrowFunctionDeclarationSniff
coding-standard by dg added custom copy of FunctionDeclarationFixer
coding-standard by dg parameters: check src/ & test/ only if src/ exists
coding-standard by dg updated sets
coding-standard by stanislav-janu workaround for PHP 8 (#44)
command-line by dg added property typehints
code-checker by dg added property typehints
code-checker by dg coding style
code-checker by dg requires PHP 8.0
code-checker by dg opened 3.3-dev
code-checker by dg remove travis
command-line by dg composer: updated dependencies
command-line by dg requires PHP 8.0