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by dg updated github workflow
by MartinMystikJonas Capture stderr of test via temp file and output it in test results [Closes #420] (#438)
by milo Temporary directory preparation moved to Helpers
by dg coding style
by dg removed appveyor
by dg removed support for PHP 7
by dg requires PHP 8.0
by dg opened 2.5-dev
by dg Released version 2.4.3
by driesvints PHP 8.2 Support (#440)
by dg typo
by dg CloverXMLGenerator: reports file name is case of parse error
by dg Assert::exception() prints stack of unexpected exception
by dg Released version 2.4.2
by dg fixed test
by dg private and internal constants are PascalCase
by dg cs nullable typehints
by dg cs whitespace
by dg cs
by dg catch Exception -> Throwable
by dg replaced ecs.php with ncs
by dg composer: uses PHPStan ^1.0
by dg interrupt signal is converted to InterruptException and handled by CliTester

allows to interrupt watch mode

by dg Dumper::dumpException() added option to change output file name via AssertException::$outputName
by dg Environment: improved color detection

- on Windows rely on sapi_windows_vt100_support()
- on Linux rely on stream_isatty()
- respects NO_COLOR and FORCE_COLOR

by dg Dumper: improved encoding of strings, added colors
by dg Released version 2.4.1
by milo TestCase:prepareTestData(): check that every data provider item is array [Closes #431]
by dg added Assert::$expandPatterns to disable patterns expansion
by dg tests: fixed env variables
by dg support for PHP 8.1
by milo TestHandler: mark tests with empty data provider as failed/skipped

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