Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by dg FileMutator: Make sure to restore the stream wrapper even when an exception is thrown (dg/bypass-finals#23)
by dg FileMutator: $context is required in PHP 7.1 & 7.2
by dg marked @internal members
by dg CliTester: removed .php from help
by dg tested on PHP 8
by dg PhpParser: compatibility with PHP 8
by dg Released version 2.3.3
by vojtech-dobes Dumper: keep full data provider name in output files
by milo Show @dataProvider data set name in assertion error [Closes #293][Closes #377]
by milo Drop create-phar tool [Closes #276]
by janbarasek readme: added with() (#410)
by dg Runner: fixed waiting for last async Job [Closes #415]
by dg CloverXMLGenerator, DomQuery: checks for PHP extensions [Closes #401][Closes #419]
by dg FileMutator: fixes 'touch() expects parameter 2 to be int, null given' [Closes #403]
by dg added funding.yml
by milo @dataProvider file may return integer-indexed data [Closes #418]
by dg Dumper: clickable links in PhpStorm terminal with plugin Awesome Console [Closes #313]
by dg Environment: improved color detection

- sapi_windows_vt100_support
- stream_isatty

by dg typo
by dg Released version 2.3.2
by dg travis: uses PHP 7.4 for coding checks