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latte by dg Engine: added underscore to template class name
latte by dg Loader::isExpired() deprecated
latte by dg Engine: cacheKey divided into key and signature stored in a lock file

- verifies the entire content of the template instead of the date

latte by dg Engine: added cache for hashed getCacheKey()
latte by dg Engine: refactoring, added getCacheKey()
latte by dg better variable names
robot-loader by dg cs
database by dg Driver::getColumns() removed case convert for 'nativetype' and keys in 'vendor' (BC break)
database by dg added Nette\Database\QueryException
database by dg exceptions are converted in PdoDriver
database by dg added ResultDriver
database by dg some others methods moved to PdoDriver
database by dg drivers uses PDO instead of Connection
database by dg database connection moved to PdoDriver::connect()
database by dg introduced PdoDriver, descendant of all PDO-based drivers
database by dg DateTime::toString() returns microseconds (BC break)
database by dg returns date-time as immutable object Nette\Database\DateTime (BC break) [Closes #270]
database by dg RowNormalizer: added configuring methods [Closes #257]
database by dg RowNormalizer: refactoring
database by dg Helpers::normalizeRow() & detection moved to new class RowNormalizer
database by dg deprecated methods trigger notices
database by dg internal constants are PascalCase
database by dg opened 4.0-dev
database by dg added reflection for Table, Column, Index, ForeignKey
database by dg phpDoc
application by dg PresenterFactory: default mapping is App\UI\*\**Presenter (BC break)
application by dg LatteFactory: $control is passed to create() (BC break)
application by dg @annotations are deprecated (BC break)
application by dg Presenter: removed constructor (BC break!)
application by dg LinkGenerator: query part in link is deprecated
application by dg Component::getParameter() $default is deprecated
application by dg Component::link() & etc uses variadic parameter

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