Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
latte by dg RootNode
latte by dg compiler-related classes moved to namespace Latte\Compiler (BC break)
latte by dg BlockMacros: {include} is not passing all local variables by default WIP [Closes #163] (BC break)
latte by dg phpdoc wip
latte by dg Empty closing macro {/} is deprecated
latte by dg Auto-empty is deprecated
latte by dg Colons as argument separator in modifiers are deprecated everywhere (BC break)

It will be replaced by named arguments

latte by dg PhpWriter: supports named arguments in modifiers (in PHP 8)
latte by dg optional chaining: removed support for deprecated syntax
latte by dg MacroTokens: correctly parses UTF-8 Combining character (TODO: normalization)
latte by dg Filters::escapeJS: invalid UTF-8 is replaced with Unicode Replacement Character U+FFFD (instead of throwing exception)
latte by dg removed aliases for old classes ILoader, IMacro, IHtmlString, IISnippetBridge
latte by dg Template: removed old accumulators $_l, $_g (deprecated in 2.4, BC break)
latte by dg SnippetBridge: added typehints
latte by dg added {cycle}
latte by dg added macro n:nonce
latte by dg anonymous {block} create variable scope (possible BC break)
latte by dg opened 3.0-dev
latte by dg opened 2.11-dev
latte by dg Released version 2.10.6
latte by dg PhpWriter::removeCommentsPass() replaces comment with space to prevent unwanted result

ie. 'a/**/b' will not result to 'ab'