Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
php-generator by dg FunctionLike changed to abstract class
php-generator by dg used PhpStorm Language attribute
php-generator by dg typo
php-generator by dg better deprecation messages
php-generator by dg updated phpstan baseline
php-generator by dg updated .gitattributes
neon by dg updated .gitattributes
tracy by dg shadow dom for bluescreen [WIP]
tracy by dg shadow dom for bar [WIP]
tracy by dg shadow dom for dumper [WIP]
tracy by dg CSP: requires 'script-dynamic'
tracy by bckp Debugger::timer: switch from microtime to hrtime

hrtime is faster on virtual machines, due microtime use system call that need to change context from user to kernel (PHP7.3+)

tracy by dg added PHP 8 typehints
tracy by dg added property typehints
tracy by dg removed bridge for Latte
tracy by dg removed FireLogger
tracy by dg Dumper: uses get_mangled_object_vars()

ArrayIterator customizes the casting to array

tracy by dg used native PHP 8 functions
tracy by dg uses PascalCase constants
tracy by dg coding style: reformatted Assert::exception
tracy by dg coding style
tracy by dg updated tests
tracy by dg removed support for $context in error handler
tracy by dg Debugger: removed support for Nette __toString workaround
tracy by dg removed PHP 7 stuff
tracy by dg requires PHP 8.0
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by dg Released version 2.9.6
tracy by dg fixed test
tracy by dg TracyExtension: sets $mailer only to Tracy\Logger [Closes #549]
tracy by dg TracyExtension: compatibility with nette/di
tracy by dg added PascalCase constant aliases

Last synchronization: 2023-02-07 13:01:31