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tracy by dg shadow dom for bluescreen [WIP]
tracy by dg shadow dom for bar [WIP]
tracy by dg shadow dom for dumper [WIP]
tracy by dg CSP: requires 'script-dynamic'
tracy by bckp Debugger::timer: switch from microtime to hrtime

hrtime is faster on virtual machines, due microtime use system call that need to change context from user to kernel (PHP7.3+)

tracy by dg added PHP 8 typehints
tracy by dg added property typehints
tracy by dg removed bridge for Latte
tracy by dg removed FireLogger
tracy by dg Dumper: uses get_mangled_object_vars()

ArrayIterator customizes the casting to array

tracy by dg used native PHP 8 functions
tracy by dg internal constants are PascalCase
tracy by dg coding style: reformatted Assert::exception
tracy by dg coding style
tracy by dg updated tests
tracy by dg removed support for $context in error handler
tracy by dg Debugger: removed support for Nette __toString workaround
tracy by dg removed PHP 7 stuff
tracy by dg requires PHP 8.0
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by n0nag0n tableSort: sort using a natural order algorithm (##547)
tracy by dg Released version 2.9.4
tracy by dg bluescreen.css: responsive spacer
tracy by dg bluescreen: resets <body> display only when is displayed [Closes #545][Closes #546]
tracy by dg fixed GitHub actions
utils by dg refactoring
utils by dg some methods use real default values instead of nulls (BC break)
utils by dg RegexpException: uses preg_last_error_msg()
utils by dg Json: added decodeFile()
utils by dg added Helpers::compare()
utils by dg Reflection::getParameterDefaultValue() is deprecated

Since PHP 8.0 ReflectionParameter::getDefaultValue() correctly returns value or throws exception when constant cannot be resolved

utils by dg Translator: changed interface, accepts and returns string|Stringable [Closes #231]

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