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application by dg PresenterFactory: default mapping is App\UI\*\**Presenter (BC break)
application by dg LatteFactory: $control is passed to create() (BC break)
application by dg PresenterFactoryCallback: refreshes page instead of creating presenters dynamically (BC break)

TODO: scanDir must be active

application by dg @annotations are deprecated (BC break)
application by dg Presenter: removed constructor (BC break!)
application by dg LinkGenerator: query part in link is deprecated
application by dg Component::getParameter() $default is deprecated
application by dg Component::link() & etc uses variadic parameter
application by dg deprecated magic properties except for $template & $payload (BC break)
application by dg Component: only UI components can be added to presenter/component (BC break) WIP
application by dg Component: method checkRequirements() is called for createComponent<Name>() methods (BC break)
application by dg Revert "UI\PresenterComponent: removed references created by loadState() for persistent parameters. [Closes nette/nette#703][Closes nette/nette#703][Closes #69]" (possible BC break)

This reverts commit cda17f460d020b0f042364d4e140742022a7e94d.


BC break: Property must be nullable, ie: #[Persistent] public ?int $foo

application by dg Presenter::handleInvalidLink() -> processInvalidLink() (BC break)
application by dg RouteList: array access is deprecated
application by dg added type hints (BC break)
application by dg removed compatibility for old class names

- inteface Nette\Application\IRouter replaced by Nette\Routing\Router

application by dg removed support for Latte 2
application by dg opened 4.0-dev
bootstrap by dg support for PHP 8.4
caching by dg Cache: md5 replaced with xxHash
caching by dg removed legacy services names
caching by dg removed support for Latte 2
caching by dg deprecated stuff
caching by dg Storage::read() added return typehint (BC break)
caching by dg requires PHP 8.1
forms by dg added HTML attribute data-nette-error
forms by dg Latte: {formContext}, {formPrint} & {formClassPrint) are deprecated
forms by dg BaseControl::$disabled is bool, added $disabledChoices
forms by dg Container::setValues() and setDefaults() accepts array|Traversable|stdClass (BC break)
forms by dg Container::getControls() returns list instead of iterator with names (BC break)
forms by dg removed compatibility for old class names
forms by dg Container: only Control/Container can be added to form (BC break)

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