Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
latte by dg Evaluator wip
tracy by dg CSP: requires 'script-dynamic'
tracy by bckp Debugger::timer: switch from microtime to hrtime

hrtime is faster on virtual machines, due microtime use system call that need to change context from user to kernel (PHP7.3+)

tracy by dg added PHP 8 typehints
tracy by dg added property typehints
tracy by dg removed bridge for Latte
tracy by dg removed FireLogger
tracy by dg Dumper: uses get_mangled_object_vars()

ArrayIterator customizes the casting to array

tracy by dg used native PHP 8 functions
tracy by dg internal constants are PascalCase
tracy by dg coding style: reformatted Assert::exception
tracy by dg coding style
tracy by dg updated tests
tracy by dg removed support for $context in error handler
tracy by dg Debugger: removed support for Nette __toString workaround
tracy by dg removed PHP 7 stuff
tracy by dg requires PHP 8.0
tracy by dg opened 3.0-dev
tracy by dg BlueScreen: fixed iteration of SplObjectStorage
tracy by dg bar.js: options can be set after script is loaded [Closes #535]
tracy by dg reset.css: increased specificity
latte by dg typo
application by dg AllowedFor wip
application by dg some constants are PascalCase
application by dg Request: removed flag SECURED (BC break)
application by dg Component::link() & etc uses variadic parameter
application by dg RouteList: array access is deprecated
application by dg removed support for obsolete inteface Nette\Application\IRouter (replaced by Nette\Routing\Router)
application by dg deprecated magic properties except for $template & $payload (BC break)
application by dg Component: only UI components can be added to presenter/component (BC break) WIP
application by dg Form: do not send 'do' when action is changed
application by dg used native PHP 8 features

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