Repository Author Commit message Committed SHA  
caching by dg tests: updated for last Latte
caching by dg travis: uses PHP 7.4 for coding checks
caching by dg removed prefix I from IStorage, IJournal, IBulkReader
application by dg TemplateFactory: automatically adds methods as latte custom functions
application by dg Control::formatTemplateClass() triggers notice when template class doesn't implement ITemplate
application by dg TemplateFactory: requires ITemplate instead of Template
application by dg RouteList: Countable and IteratorAggregate are deprecated
application by dg Route, SimpleRouter: flags is deprecated
application by dg interface Nette\Application\IRouter is alias for Nette\Routing\Router
application by dg UIMacros: overloaded macro {templatePrint}
application by dg Presenter::sendTemplate() added parameter $template
application by solcik Control, Presenter::createTemplate() added parameter $class for custom creation of the Template
application by dg Control, Presenter::createTemplate() tries to create custom Template according to naming convention
application by dg Template::__toString() is deprecated (BC break)
application by dg TemplateFactory: sets only properties that exist
php-generator by dg Printer: one-line properties without comments are not separated using one empty line
php-generator by dg Printer: constants with comments are separated using one empty line
forms by dg test: fix for last Latte
forms by dg Validator::validateInteger() returns false when integer is too big
forms by dg travis: uses PHP 7.4 for coding checks
forms by dg DefaultFormRenderer: options 'class' & 'id' are used for 'control' part when 'pair' part is empty