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by dg upravy wip
by dg forms: info about hidden field security
by dg nette/bootstrap 3.2.3
by dg best practices: attribute Requires
by dg new directory structure throughout documentation
by dg nette/application 3.2.3: new directory structure
by dg nette/application 3.2.3
by dg typo
by dg latte: simplified "{..}"
by dg uses GitHub Actions
by dg typo
by dg typo
by dg latte: vscode plugin
by radekdostal Typo. (#1042)
by rastographics Grammar corrected in documentation (#1044)

Some English grammar corrections that make the documentation a little easier to understand and sound more professional.

by dg application: better wording [Closes nette/application#323]
by hermajan Fixed PhpStorm typo (#1045)
by mildabre typo (#1046)
by dg floats: note about precision
by dg nette/application 3.2.1
by dg oop: improvements
by dg migration guide for Nette 3.2 [WIP]
by dg migrations updated
by dg updated web-project
by nextMJ typo
by dg added utils/upgrading
by dg nette/di 3.2
by dg nette/component-model 3.1.0
by dg nette/application 3.2
by dg nette/http 3.2.4
by dg nette/tester 2.5.2
by smuuf tester: option -l replaced with -o

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