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by dg quickstart: used 'search'
by dg links to autowiring
by dg nette/http 3.2
by dg typo
by dg improved troubleshooting
by dg typo
by dg application: info about templates moved to new page
by dg database: link to pdo documentation
by dg Latte 2.6: functions isLinkCurrent() and isModuleCurrent()
by dg application: info about modules moved to new page
by dg typo
by dg Latte: improved translator info
by dg improved info about Naja, removed obsolete Nittro
by dg schema & php-generator: moved to utils
by dg latte wip
by dg latte: links between tags
by dg quickstart: changed link
by dg quickstart: added <?php
by dg quickstart: resolving uncertainties
by dg best-practices: added examples
by dg typo
by AndrewDawes Fixed several typos and grammar errors (#959)
by dg improved DI
by dg mail: verify_peer: false
by Rixafy Fix typo (#958)
by dg coding-standard: differences from PSR
by dakur typo (#956)
by dg php-generator v4.0.3
by dg compatibility with PHP 8.2
by dg nette/utils v3.2.8
by dg added header
by dg troubleshooting: Presenter::getContext() is deprecated

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