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by dg pla: removed page
by dg forms: added missing events
by dg left menu for http & security
by Gappa fixed findByTag usage
by dg added link to Dependent selectboxes
by dg doc: added {{maintitle}}
by dg added/updated PHP requirements
by dg unified installation notices
by dg used WebP images
by dg removed unused files
by dg packages: removed 'deprecated'
by dg improved 'packages'
by dg fixed links
by dg split HTTP request and response
by dg configuring improved, added how-to-load-configuration
by dg migrations improved
by dg troubleshooting: added ReturnTypeWillChange
by dg bestpractices homepage design
by dg added tags {{sitename}}
by dg added tags {{priority}}
by dg improved titles

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