Author Commit message Committed SHA  
by vrana Fix a typo
by dg fixed borders
by dg changed css
by dg typo [Closes #789]
by dg typo
by dg added perex
by dg after <div> must be empty line
by dg added migration to 3.0
by dg routing: added new RouteList features
by dg routing: reorder
by dg php-generator: aktualizace pro 3.3
by dg typo
by dg configuring: fixed PROTECTION and other option [Closes #788]
by finwe typo (#787)
by GEp1c removed indentation (#785)
by dg configuring: improved CSP
by dg fixed lowercase letters in paths
by accgit Configuration: fixed link to routerFactory (#781)
by VasanCZ typo (#780)
by VasanCZ typo (#779)
by dg removed gitter