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by dg assistant wip
by dg migration guide for Nette 4.0 [WIP]
by dg coding-standard: added image of signature/body separation
by dg php-generator: better info about PSR
by jhabaj added: AVIF support (#1011)
by Dzardys typo (cs) (#1013)
by dg application: improved leftmenu
by radekdostal Typos. (#1010)
by diegosardina Typo (#1008)
by dg latte: added "why use"
by dg 10-reasons-why-nette: rewritten
by dg troubleshooting: testing .htaccess / mod_rewrite
by mildabre typo (#1004)
by dg latte: added {formContainer}
by mildabre wording (#1000) (#1001)
by mildabre application: improvements (#990)(#993)(#999)(#1002)
by mildabre form: improvements (#995)(#996)(#997)(#998)
by mildabre tracy: Adding a line to the Tracy activation code sample (#991)
by dg tracy: improved
by dg latte: added perex to cookbook
by dg inject injection: improved
by dg retranslated by GPT-4 (only EN version)
by dg form reuse: improved
by dg persistent parameters: improved info
by dg php-generator: fixes
by johny-patera Typo (#973)
by berbeflo typo (#972)

- bug fix? yes
- new feature? no
- BC break? no

fixed an incorrect sentence

by dg di: added FAQ
by dg di/passing-dependencies: added constructor hell
by dg di/passing-dependencies: highlighting inject info
by dg di/passing-dependencies: better class & variables naming
by janvalentik typo in Latte (#970)

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