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by dg link to maintenance
by dg config: added dkim
by grogy presenters: added info about inject to public properties
by grogy presenters: private property visibility

Is not necessary to have public class property.

by dg di: added $items[] syntax
by grogy typo (#804)
by dg typos
by dg typos
by dg quickstart: better titles
by dg added gitter
by dg code-checker: updated info
by dg typo
by dg mailing: added DKIM
by dg exclamation mark
by Gappa typo (#796)
by dg typos
by vU97N typo (#794)
by khorsky mention isModuleCurrent() method (#792)
by dg isLinkCurrent() info
by dg migration: info about Nette\Http\Url
by finwe typo (#791)