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http by dg RequestFactory::createHttpRequest() renamed to fromGlobals()

To be consistent with ResponseFactory::fromGlobals()

http by dg Session: emulates session.cache_limiter & session.cache_expire
http by dg ResponseFactory: added fromString() & fromUrl()
http by dg Response: added toString()
http by dg Response changed to storage and it doesn't emit data to the browser. Added ResponseEmitter (BC break!)
application by dg Application: uses Nette\Http\ResponseEmitter
bootstrap by dg Configurator: added middleware extension
bootstrap by dg composer: updated versions
bootstrap by dg opened 3.1-dev
application by dg opened 3.1-dev
forms by dg composer: works with nette/http 4.0
forms by dg opened 3.1-dev
routing by dg composer: works with nette/http 4.0
http by dg Response::getHeaders() returns array [name => [headers]] instead of [name => header] (BC break!)
http by dg removed deprecated stuff
http by dg opened 4.0-dev
http by dg tests: added test for Response::getHeaders()
http by dg IResponse: deprecated constants PERMANENT & BROWSER
http by dg IResponse: added REASON_PHRASES
http by dg typo
security by dg User: deprecated hasAuthenticator() & hasAuthorizator()